Year 1 in pictures

I haven’t done much in the way of incorporating photos here, so this will be something new and different. A photographic retrospective of our time since leaving Andrés’ training last May . . .

First, our trip from VA to CDJ . . . through Tennessee, Louisiana, and Texas . . .


And our first days in Juárez, sampling local cuisine, meeting neighbors, finding a church to attend (with the bonus of delicious shaved ice to enjoy after the service) . . .



Summer featured water park fun, a trip back to visit Dallas friends, a family reunion at the Dyche farm in Oklahoma, tennis lessons, and visits to some New Mexico landmarks.


Then school started!


Mexican independence day (16 de septiembre) brought celebrations at school and the Consulate, and a visit from our cousin/uncle Steve Higley . . .


October took us back to the U.S. again, this time to Colorado to celebrate the wedding of Andrés’ Peace Corps buddy, Bill.


It was pretty cool when cousin Ethan’s high school band accompanied their football team to a game just a few miles up the road in El Paso. And Marisela and I also paid a visit to family friend Armando for cuts and styles at his salon in Las Cruces, just like my sister and Mom and I used to do.


Halloween featured trick-or-treating in Mesilla Park, the Las Cruces neighborhood where I grew up. Here the kids are in front of my childhood home. We also enjoyed Día de los Muertos. Marisela and her friend Abhisneha had fun making altares with their classmates at school.


And then birthday/holiday season was upon us . . .

20151115_18021620151211_160907Gala photo

One of the local employees at the Consulate invited us to a mass, followed by dancing and celebration at his family’s home, in celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe. I remember elementary school friends dancing in the village of Tortugas, outside Las Cruces, on this feast day.


After Christmas and New Year’s we were off to Cancún for a week of blissful relaxation.


Not exactly sure where February went. I guess it wasn’t very picturesque. Because next thing you know we’re at Big Bend for spring break.


And then at Trinity Site. I’m sure we’ve all changed over the course of the year, but if you scroll back up to the picture of the kids and Andrés with the turquoise convertible at Graceland you will see why I am still scratching my head and wondering where my little boy went.


And that’s pretty much it up to now. Thanks to all for your constant love and support.


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