It’s not all deep thoughts and melancholy

I often turn to my blog when I’m feeling blue and trying to sift through it all. So it probably gives a considerably skewed impression of just how blue I feel and just how much of my time I spend pondering arcane ideas about why I’m feeling blue. Thought I’d take a few minutes to share some things that make me very happy in my day-to-day here in Cd. Juárez:

The people. Love love love the people I’ve met here. From the other officers and their families to the kids’ friends and their parents to the wonderfully warm and patient guy who teaches us tennis this post is full of folks I’m delighted to know.

My walks. There’s a perimeter path around our neighborhood that – with a little imagination – almost makes my morning walks feel like a hike (minus any elevation changes). I cue up a podcast and make my rounds for an hour or so and the world feels like a wonderful place.

The food. For example: dangerously close to our house is a little joint called Taqueria Aaajiji. Thankfully getting there involves crossing a treacherous street. Otherwise I’d have to be walking twice as much to compensate for excess taco consumption.

El Paso. Any of my New Mexico friends (especially any Las Cruces friends) probably understand the extent to which I must swallow my NM pride to admit this, but El Paso is a pretty cool little city. The ballpark, the Plaza Theater, restaurants like Tabla and Anson 11 . . . growing up I definitely adopted the attitude that the only reason to go to El Paso was to get to the airport, but I grudgingly admit I’ve enjoyed having El Paso so nearby. But the Organ Mountains are still far and away more beautiful than the Franklins.

The climate. This is not something I’m guessing most folks would consider a plus as far as Juárez is concerned but I love the desert. I love the dry air and I don’t really mind the heat. Raindrops feel like precious gems here and very little is more nostalgic for me than the scent of rain in the desert.

Tennis. I love tennis, and while I tremendously miss playing sets with my friend back in Dallas, we have a fantastic coach here who gives lessons at the Consulate. He’s helped me correct years’ worth of self-taught bad habits and he’s helped the kids learn to enjoy the sport. If Isaiah ever gets past his current floppiness and reluctance to hit balls that don’t just land right within his (pretty significant) reach he might be a real contender.

Easy access to the U.S. It’s great to be able to see friends and family regularly. We’re no further from Lubbock than we had been in Dallas and we’re much closer to Santa Fe. It’s hard to beat that.

Happy Kristin, over and out.





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